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The Inclusion Workshop (Full Day)

Our global society continues to become more diverse each day. It has become essential for employees at all levels of any organization to be able to interact with others, especially where differences exist. This interactive workshop is packed with activities, exercises, videos and dialogue designed to help participants explore the impact of diversity in the workplace.

The Power of Diversity & Inclusion (3 Session Options)

Diversity and inclusion have become commonly used words in organizational statements of values, business strategies and corporate communications. What is diversity? What is inclusion? How can the power of diversity be leveraged in relationships with others? How can an organization leverage diversity to achieve greater successes?

The GLBT Community In The Workplace (2 Hour to Half Day)

Diversity doesnt just mean learning to work with companies of different cultures and countries. In this contemporary business world, companies need to make sure that their GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) employees are visible within the workplace and that their affirming practices are highlighted.

Building Global Cultural Competence (2 Session Options)

Human behavior can be better understood in the context of culture. Ultimately, its the application of cultural knowledge that enhances ones ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures. Business and personal relationships in global and local settings can be enhanced when cultural differences among people are understood and such knowledge is applied.

Cross Cultural Communication (2 Session Options)

Styles of communication are related to our cultural backgrounds and experiences. Effective communication is the key to overcoming the obstacles that diversity can create. Each individuals way of communicating is not universal. This workshop provides techniques that will add to employees repertoire of communication skills.

Personalities in Teams (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator/MBTI personality type) (Full Day)

Consider the benefit and increased productivity that comes along with each member of the team respecting and appreciating the personality styles among them. Through interactive activities and use of the MBTI model, each member of your team can identify their own strengths and challenges, increase communication with other team members, and improve interactions with internal and external customers.

Influential Communication (Half to Full Day)

The ability to communicate and influence others is a critical component of effective leadership. Managers engage in multiple conversations each day. Success is dependent on these conversations building commitment in others while driving employees toward higher performance.

Diversity of Thinking Styles (6 Session Options)

Why can a person see an issue from one perspective that is very different from another persons? Is there a preferred approach to solving problems? Have communication style differences resulted in broken relationships? Do people leverage their whole brain? This program applies the Hermann Brain Dominance (aka Whole-Brain) Model developed by Ned Herrmann. The model describes several unique thinking styles and the inclinations people have towards these mental processes.

Writing for Business Success (Half to Full Day)

Consider the need to communicate effectively via internal memos, email, and paper-based correspondence. This workshop will include both basic and advanced writing skills pertinent to both the internal company environment as well as the external business environment, while encouraging the personal style of each participant.

Discovering Your Style (Half to Full Day)

Consider the benefit and increased productivity that comes along with each member of the team respecting and appreciating the various styles among them. Through interactive activities and use of the DISC model, each member of the team can identify their own strengths and challenges, increase communication with other team members, and improve interactions with internal and external customers.

Time Management: If You Do It, It Is Done! (Half Day)

This workshop will assist participants in developing skills to increase efficiency, productivity and results in the workplace. Participants will gain tips to minimize stress, increase effectiveness and learn strategies to stay focused. Personal time management, goal setting and prioritization tools will be shared. Upon completing this session, participants will learn to save time and foster an environment that encourages working smarter, not harder.

Stress Management: Exploring Exciting Ways of Finding the Work / Life Balance (Half Day)

In todays fast-paced environment, each of us is experiencing an increased demand on our time and resources. Positively managing stress can make a tremendous difference in our lives. During this interactive workshop, explore how stress inhibits our productivity and can affect our health and state of mind.

Discovering Your Customer Service Style In The Workplace (Half Day to Full Day)

This workshop will provide participants with insights and strategies to better understand and communicate with their internal and external customers. Each participant will leave the session with an action plan consisting of things to STOP, CHANGE and START doing in order to provide better customer service immediately.

Customer Service Using Disc Behavioral Tool (Half Day to Full Day)

In this workshop, customer service is introduced as a process and mindset instead of a transaction. Participants will understand the need to provide a quality experience for those with whom they interact. The session will allow participants to identify their customer service style by using the DiSC Behavioral Profile.

Service Excellence (2 Session Options)

Everyone wants excellent customer service. Service excellence is a combination of establishing systems that deliver excellence and impassioning people to deliver great service. This session engages participants in having a ready mindset to provide great service and to manage situations that can be challenging to handle.

Achieving Greater Customer Service (Half Day or Full Day)

Increase the satisfaction of customer interactions through enhanced productivity, communication and follow-through. Assist employees in building a solid foundation of skills and techniques which will positively impact the customers perception of the organization. Consider the first impressions and image that are presented to customers and how employees can make it easier for the customer to do business with your organization.

"You're the CEO, Now What?" (Half Day to Full Day)

You are now the person in charge! Yes, you are the top dog. This all sounds great and praise and recognition are to come. However, you might have a wakeup call in the works. Along with the praise comes the expectation that you will be responsible for the actions of others, a manager of people issues and still accountable for your own actions and responsibilities.

Motivating Your Workforce (Half Day to Full Day)

Explore ways that laughter and humor can enhance morale and increase motivation. Research shows that employees who feel valued and are recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible and productive. This session is designed to help busy managers and supervisors understand what employees want and to give them a starting point for creating champions.

Change and How to Deal With It (Full Day)

From department managers, fellow employees, supervisors and everyday lives there is one constant: change. It is all around. For those that are able to take hold of the effects of change, it can provide opportunity. If ill equipped to deal with change or to help others deal with change then the results can be stressful and chaotic. Adapting to change doesnt gauge the intellect but instead a persons character.

This workshop will provide participants with the necessary skills for change management in the workplace.

Employee Hiring and Retention / Behavioral Interviewing (Half or Full Day)

Past behavior is a good predictor of future performance. What types of individuals are drawn toward working in your organization? What does a team need to be successful? What is the image presented to clients by the people hired to represent the company? In this session, hiring managers will be trained to know what to look for when hiring new employees.

The Conflict Resolution Kit (Half Day to Full Day)

People can face almost any problem except the problem of difficult people. Employees can work long hours, face declining business, even the loss of a job, but they cannot deal with the difficult people in their lives. This conflict management workshop will help participants identify some of the ways they may be contributing to these problems and give several strategies to adopt at work and in their personal life as well.

Building and Leading High Performance Teams (Keynote to 2-Days)

Due to the overwhelming impact of change on the work environment and the individual, teamwork is the one sustainable competitive advantage to organizations. Society praises individuals accomplishments and often wonders what could have been for everyone else. This workshop focuses on teams versus groups, their importance, and the need for and how to build high performing ones.

Overcoming "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" (1-2 Day Retreat)

Cohesion and consensus are both mentioned frequently when discussing teams. Often team members lack clarity or consensus when posed with a question or decision. This workshop delves into why this is by addressing lack of clarity and other obstacles that dysfunctional and unproductive teams face. It is based on the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.

Coaching (*done on an individual and personalized basis; or done as follow up to group sessions)

Consider your personal or professional path in this life. Gone are the days when we work in an independent vacuum of accomplishment. We all could use a great support system to help motivate us, keep us on track and help us achieve our goals. With ever increasing demands, tasks and responsibilities, its important to be focused, positive and have work-life balance.

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