Nate Moster

Nate MosterNate Moster comes to the Training Guidance Group after working for 15 years across large corporations, not-for-profits and small businesses, both in full-time and consultant roles. Sectors of his experience include consumer packaged goods, healthcare IT, creative agencies and civic engagement.

Nate is often described by clients as an experienced, energetic facilitator who integrates his background in marketing and branding into everything he does. Past clients and employers include Monster, McKesson, Procter & Gamble, Allscripts and more.

Nate flexes his research and analysis muscles to help clients identify where their challenges and opportunities may lie. Also an AC Nielsen-certified moderator, Nate has lead thousands of participants through facilitated workshops, education seminars and focus groups. He’s written numerous speeches for corporate CEOs, orchestrated both large- and small-scale event productions and works tirelessly to ensure every project is a powerful one.


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