COACHING    *done on an individual and personalized basis; or done as follow up to group sessions

Consider your personal or professional path in this life.  Gone are the days when we work in an independent vacuum of accomplishment.  We all could use a great support system to help motivate us, keep us on track and help us achieve our goals.  With ever increasing demands, tasks and responsibilities, it’s important to be focused, positive and have work-life balance. 

Let us help you to design your positive future and be part of your support network on the way towards achieving greater success.

Coaching Sessions Could Include (but are not limited to):

  • Career Direction including job search and advancement
  • Management and Executive strategies
  • Designing your ideal lifestyle
  • Goal Setting
  • Work-life Balance
  • Personal Mission and Vision statements
  • Weaving your personal values into everyday success
  • Follow up to any group seminar offered by Training Guidance Group

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