The Inclusion Workshop (Full Day)

Our global society continues to become more diverse each day. It has become essential for employees at all levels of any organization to be able to interact with others, especially where differences exist. This interactive workshop is packed with activities, exercises, videos and dialogue designed to help participants explore the impact of diversity in the workplace. Included in this session are several personal assessments with which participants evaluate their current knowledge and then create an action plan for future implementation.

Participants will learn:

  • To define and identify dimensions of diversity
  • How diversity applies to everyone, validating that “Diversity is not about them, but about us!”
  • The impact of our worldview on our perceptions
  • The impact of stereotypes on performance
  • How to set realistic goals while increasing performance
  • Learn to deal with diversity related conflict

The Power of Diversity & Inclusion (3 Session Options)

Diversity and inclusion have become commonly used words in organizational statements of values, business strategies and corporate communications. What is diversity? What is inclusion? How can the power of diversity be leveraged in relationships with others? How can an organization leverage diversity to achieve greater successes? Three session options are offered to help individuals and organizations tap into the power of diversity and inclusion.

Session Options:

Awareness Building (2 hours)

  • Understanding of diversity and inclusion concepts
  • Personalizing diversity
  • Demonstrating inclusive behavior in the workplace

Diversity & Inclusion Leadership (6 hours)

  • Exploring the business case of diversity
  • Developing a personal and organizational culture of inclusion
  • Leveraging diversity in the workplace

Diversity & Inclusion Planning (6 hours)

  • Environmental scan (internal & external)
  • Examine best practices
  • Direction setting and action planning

The GLBT Community In The Workplace (2 Hour to Half Day)

Diversity doesn’t just mean learning to work with companies of different cultures and countries. In this contemporary business world, companies need to make sure that their GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) employees are visible within the workplace and that their affirming practices are highlighted. With over 92% of Fortune 500 Companies extending domestic partnership benefits to their GLBT employees, the largest companies in the world have begun to create a more welcoming environment for all its employees. In this workshop participants will examine the need for GLBT inclusion, the statistics and myths surrounding the community and provide an experiential look for your employees to understand this emerging audience.

Participants will learn:

  • Statistics and myths surrounding the GLBT community
  • The impact of stereotypes in the workplace
  • Learn to deal with incorporating GLBT community with business at large

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