Global Cultural Competence

Building Global Cultural Competence (2 Session Options)

Human behavior can be better understood in the context of culture. Ultimately, it’s the application of cultural knowledge that enhances one’s ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures.  Business and personal relationships in global and local settings can be enhanced when cultural differences among people are understood and such knowledge is applied.  Culture drives patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give these activities significance and importance.  Both sessions dissect culture into several elements that translate into behaviors that participants will recognize. 

Participants will learn strategies that will:

  • Enhance one’s cultural competence
  • Self-assess their own cultural style
  • Learn to identify the style of others

Session Options:

Basic Understanding of Culture (2 hours)

Building Cultural Competence in…* (4 – 8 hours)

Europe, China, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, India, Pakistan, Middle East, Mexico, South America, South Africa.
*Country/culture specific sessions can be tailored to enhance learning about a particular culture.

Cross-Culture Communication (2 Session Options)

Styles of communication are related to our cultural backgrounds and experiences.  Effective communication is the key to overcoming the obstacles that diversity can create. Each individual’s way of communicating is not universal. This workshop provides techniques that will add to employees’ repertoire of communication skills.  Practical skills that account for cross-cultural and demographical differences will be presented.
Participants will learn:

  • Sensitivity to the impact of culture and demographics on personal abilities to communicate effectively
  • Understanding and application of 33 techniques for effective communication to gain positive results
  • A personal plan of action to improve communication skills

Session Options:

Learning of Key Concepts (2 hours)

Learning and Practice of Key Concepts (4 hours)

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