ZERO-G Experience
Weightless Thinking for Greater Innovation.

Training Guidance Group, in partnership with ZERO-G is now providing an extraordinary way of helping companies reach new ways of creativity and innovation. Your team will be fully engaged from the beginning and newly inspired to rethink the way they implement services, create products or execute general operations.

The weightless flight experience is the most memorable, experiential program to rejuvenate your company's perspective of your business where teamwork and new skills will be put into action. Our past participants have found this to be an effective, profound way to embody innovation throughout the organization.

A few programs that we can offer:

  • Breaking your team away from traditional thinking. Going Beyond "outside the box" and walking away with custom action items to apply immediately.
  • Effective skills in change management
  • Teamwork under Pressure
  • Exceeding limits, quotas and boundaries

We will also work with you to create the perfect program has lasting, positive impact within your organization. We can customize a 1 to 2 day programs to ensure desired outcomes are achieved and work within your budget!

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Our trainers have worked with some of America's leading companies and organizations. Find quotes and examples of some of the numerous companies they have worked with in the past.

Dr. Craig Barrett, Former Chairman, Intel

ZERO-G is a great product for incentives, celebrations or education. I've flown twice and loved it every time.

Dr. Craig Barrett, Former Chairman, Intel

Dr. Craig Barrett, Former Chairman, Intel

ZERO-G was an amazing Experience for me and my production team. I loved it! I only wish I could be weightless for an entire week.

Martha Stewart

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